Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Children's book - Broken Heart by Martha Ramirez

Martha Ramirez and her children's book - BROKEN HEART

 Thank you so much, Vic for having me! (Totally my pleasure, Mart!)

BROKEN HEART, my children's book is about a brave girl who learns doctors have to mend her broken heart. Seven-year-old Julia goes on an unforgettable heart journey and takes her twin sister Stephanie along for the ride.

If Stephanie had only one wish, it'd be that doctors would fix Julia's heart and make it all better.

It's now available on Amazon:

Broken Heart Synopsis

When seven-year-old Stephanie learns her twin, Julia, has a broken heart and the doctors have to mend it, she tries to make sense of things. Doing her best to stay strong, she helps Julia face her fears.

It's up to Stephanie to be Julia's biggest cheerleader. If she had only one wish, it'd be that doctors would fix Julia's heart and make it all better.

Will Stephanie get her heart's desire?

About the Author

In addition to writing, Martha is a 2012 Genesis Semi-Finalist, a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), YALITCHAT.ORG, the Muse Conference Board, CataNetwork Writers, and American Author's Association. Her articles have appeared in various places including the Hot Moms Club and For Her Information (FHI) magazine. In 2012, her blog was nominated website of the week by Writer's Digest. She looks forward to expanding her career and is hard at work on her next young adult novel.

She currently resides in Northern California where she enjoys gardening and kickboxing (not simultaneously).

Visit her websites at:

Broken Heart Video

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