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This is a raw (unedited) m/f time travel romance. It's a 500 to 1,000 word excerpt inspired by: hat, mud, branch, have your character slip down, have a character jump into a pool (switched pool to lake – same idea, big body of water), plus the photo below. Chapters 1 through 5 are available on the free read tab at top of blog.

Sunrise 57

J'dol stopped on the edge of the deck and looked at the sword. "Those bright stones on the hilt, mind does not have those. Why would one decorate a weapon of death?"
Sian flinched at his description of the weapon. "Those bright stones would be called gemstones. Rubies and emeralds to be exact. Although those are fake." She bent low and picked up the sword. "Compared to yours J'dol, this weighs nothing."
He held out his hand, taking the sword. He swung it, being careful not to hit anyone. "This is a child's. One used to train a young warrior." He flicked his finger on the blade. It released a dull sound.  He flicked his finger on the blade. It released a dull sound.
"That is wrong. It should sing." His brow furrowed. "Where is my sword?"
"Why do you own a sword?" Kathleen grabbed at her floppy sun hat as a gust of wind threatened to blow it off her head.
J'dol tilted his head, puzzling over why this silly woman would even ask such a question. "All warriors carry swords. How could they defend themselves otherwise?"
Kathleen's husband, Craig, chuckled. "Do you have a cannon?"
J'dol pursed his lips and shook his head. "No. Only the Miz-happen have those?"
"What's a Miz-happen?"
"The enemy?" J'dol tried to hide the annoyance in his tone. These new people were strange and senseless. Why would a warrior not have a sword or even want to own a cannon? He peered into the lake water.
Sian stepped beside him. "It's so heavy I think it sunk into the mud when you got knocked into the water."
J'dol kept his voice low. "Who knocked me into the water?"
Sian rubbed his arm. "You don't remember? A flash of light hit you and you went flying."
"Flying? Like a bird?" He raised his eyebrows.
"No, it's just a saying."
Sian's neighbours joined them and scanned for the sword. J'dol slipped off the dock into the water and cautiously moved his foot, hoping to bump into the hilt and not the blade.
"Wait a sec. I'd get a branch. You can use it to search. I know that thing is sharp." Sian scurried off the deck then returned with a long dead piece of branch.
J'dol poked around in the mud. The water grew murky as he stirred up the silt. The stick hit something. He reached down, picked up a large stone and tossed it aside. As he shifted, his heel touched a hard object. J'dol trickled his fingers across it and smiled. He gripped the hilt and raised his sword out of the water then turned and placed it on the dock.
He scooped handfuls of water over it, cleaning off the last of the mud.
As he hopped onto the deck, Kathleen said, "So I ask again. Why do you have a sword? And don't say because you're a warrior. Those are called soldiers and they carry guns."
Craig laughed. "The Renaissance Festival is next week. You are one of those guys who goes around pretending to be from Ye Olde England."
J'dol opened his mouth to speak, but Sian cut him off. "This is J'dol. A friend."
Craig held out his hand. "Nice to meet you."
J'dol reached out and shook his hand.
"So the Mis…whatever you called them, that have the cannon are the enemy and you've come to protect all the fair damsels of Orondonto?" Kathleen grinned.
J'dol caught the pleading look Sian was giving him. He swept his arm forward and out and dropped into a deep bow. "My pleasure to serve, M'lady."
Kathleen giggled. "Ooh, I've always wanted to be called that."
"Well, I think it's time we got this guy into the house and check that he's ok." Sian reached down and picked up the stray sword.
"Guess we'll head on home. He looks fine to me." Craig slapped him on the back.
J'dol stifled the urge to punch him. He was not a comrade. Back slapping was not done by strangers. He grimaced. But he was in a different time. Different ideas. He grinned and waved.
As he and Sian returned to her cottage, he asked, "What is a Renaissance festival? And Ye Olde England?"
"Renaissance is sort of another word for medieval which is a time period from long ago, which is where I thought you were from."
"I am from the future. Why would you think I was from the past?" J'dol pulled open her door and held it for as she entered.
"Chivalry isn't dead." She laughed as she said, "Come on up to my office. I'll Google it and show you."
He placed the sword on the table in the living room and caught up with her. "Google it?"
"Oh, J'dol." She climbed up the stairs leading the way to her office. "It is going to be so much fun teaching you about my time."
He gripped her hand. "I want to stay with you in your time." He pulled her close, placed his hands on both sides of her face and pressed his lips on hers.
A jolt surged through him when she responded. He had no idea why or how he got here. But this is where he was going to stay. And nothing but death would rip him away from Sian.

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Weekly Meme - Book Hooks and A Guy and A Girl #MFRWhooks #MFRWauthor

Welcome to Victoria's Pages of Romance and Book Hooks. This week's 6 to 8 sentences are from my NA contemporary romance – A Guy and A Girl

Scene Set – Chelsea arrives home and discovers her ex-boyfriend sitting on her stairs. (it's her turn to have a problem that she doens't know about yet.) She speaks first. (yes, there's some editing :-) to get to 8 sentences.)

"What're you doing here?"
Todd squinted from the glare of the headlights and replied, "Let me explain."
"Get lost."
"But I can't exist without you."
She crossed her arms, protectively over her chest and said, "I don't care."
"Don't say that." Todd's nostrils flared and his brow darkened with anger. He grabbed her wrist.

Lies, deceits and secrets - not a good way to begin a relationship.

After an ugly past forced Hunter Connolly to escape to Europe, the talented hockey player is back in North America and determined to land a position with a professional team. But he can’t hide from his past forever, especially when his beautiful classmate, Chelsea, forces him to reexamine his life. Soon, hockey is not his first priority anymore.
Chelsea Henderson is a bright co-ed working towards her dream of being a professional dancer. She forms a unique friendship with one of her father’s newest recruits and would love nothing more than to take it to the next level. However, there’s just one small problem. He doesn’t know she’s his coach’s daughter.
Amid the deceptions, danger lurks closer than they could ever imagine. Will fate contrive to rip the young lovers apart? Or will Hunter and Chelsea have their shot at love?

What people are saying about – A Guy and A Girl

5 Stars - I loved this book...I think that it was an awesome story. It was interesting on how everything came about as well as some surprises on who was doing what. I liked how the couple had issues that would be real life issues as well. Very well written, can't wait to read more books by Victoria as well as maybe some more in relation to characters in the book.

5 Stars - What a great romance. Fast paced. Chock full of tension. Little bit of hockey Little bit of dance. Lots of love.

5 Stars - By the end of this book I had tears running down my cheeks.

4 Stars - The story is solid, the love is solid, I'm looking forward to reading more books by Victoria Adams

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