Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring - the start of new beginnings and a day to say good bye.

Spring. The start of new beginnings and a day to say good bye.
Victoria Adams is retiring her blog.
This is my 1153rd blog post. (Although if you check my states - it isn't because I've been deleting old posts)
I will miss blogging - but it was kind of like talking to myself most of the time.

In the beginning - blogs were lively places - people commented - dialogues ensued.
Blog hops happened on a monthly basis.
Then readers got greedy. They only wanted free books, swag and the grand prize.
They didn't care about our babies. The books we slaved over.
That's why we were here. To promote our books.
Writers stopped handing out the freebies and readers stopped stopping by and commenting.
A sad commentary on modern life.

Soon I will complete the erasure of Victoria from the internet - as best I can. Getting that footprint off is difficult.
I started in February - closing accts to sites that I hadn't visited in 6 years and forgot I was even a member of. Thank heavens for a well organized password book.
I'll delete the last of these posts. Close my Google+, Twitter and FB accts. Leave my Yahoo groups and anything I may have forgotten.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to invite and host so many fabulous authors. Best of luck to all authors and future authors. May your books sell well.


Victoria Adams