Monday, August 1, 2011

Interview with Julie Anderson

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing my lead female character from my latest novel - Circles Interlocked.
Victoria Adams:  Welcome Julie.
Julie Anderson: Thanks for having me.  I haven't been interviewed by a blogger before.
Victoria: Tell us a bit about yourself.
Julie:  Ok, well, I'm Julie Anne Anderson and I'm a dancer.  I was born and raised in Westland.  I graduated from Westland Predatory Institute. Go Hawks!  Right after prep school I joined The National Dance Company.  I started in the corps de ballet and worked my way up to soloist.
Victoria:  What's a corps de ballet?
Julie: It means body of the ballet.  Simply put, when a soloist is performing there's often a group of dancers supporting her.  They are the corps.  Think of it as the starting point of your dance career.
Victoria:  Since this is a romance blog, anyone special in your life. (Just to let my readers know, Ms Anderson's cheeks just turned red. :-) )
Julie: Yes, there is someone special.  His name is Robert and I knew him back in prep school, but we broke up and have recently gotten together again.
Victoria:  You're a beautiful woman, so I'm guessing this Robert must be quite handsome.
Julie: He's tall and very strong.  He's built like a dancer and he has the darkest eyes I ever seen.
Victoria: So what happened between you two?
Julie: Robert comes from an area called North Shore and he used to run with a gang called Shoresmen.  I'm the oldest of daughter of Judge William Anderson.  Robert and I should never have met, but we did and we fell in love.  Then Robert's bad boy heritage emerged and he cheated on me and I ran away to join the dance company.  I was hurt.  My heart was broken.  I couldn't face my family or my friends.
Victoria: A painful moment in your life.
Julie: Very much so.  I couldn't believe how he'd broken my trust.  When you're young that first big love and first break up seems to be overwhelming – like the end of the world.  I didn't date anyone for several years.  Then I met a man, Vincent, but deep down in my soul I knew he wasn't the right man for me.  I tried to ignore the truth that it was Robert that I loved.  I saw him one day.  He doesn't know this.  He was at his girl friend's cottage…
Victoria: His girl friend?
Julie: Yes, her name is Cornia Kroft.  They were together on the beach, and I was walking along a path and came out of the woods a few feet behind them.  My heart stopped.  Did he ever look good. He'd just come out of the water and was drying off.  Picture him standing there, dripping wet and the sun shining on his muscular body.  I think my pulse is racing at the memory.
Victoria: So how did you two get back together?
Julie: We accidently woke up in bed together.
Victoria: Pardon?
Julie:  We woke up in bed together.
Victoria:  Well, that wasn't the answer I was expecting.  It seems I've run out of space for today's blog.  I'd like to thank Ms Anderson for joining us.
Julie: It's been a pleasure.
Victoria: Next week, I'll be interviewing Ms Anderson's love interest – Robert Holiday.  Until then – Happy Romance.


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