Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Circles Interlocked is PUBLISHED!!!

This is a Wordle.  I am using it to announce that Circles Interlocked is epubbed - currently available on Amazon.  It will be up on the other sites in a few days.
I'd like to thank Mart and Angie my Beta readers and Judy - a supporter of my work and teacher of commas.
Also, I'd like to thank Ambrielle - she told me about this Wordle program. She suggested it for an editing option, but when I saw the beautiful picture it created I decided art was more important than edits.

If you want to try to create one -


  1. Whoo hoo congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful!

  2. Thank you Ambrielle and Mart.

  3. Awesome Victoria.

  4. I missed my name mention! You are very welcome! I enjoyed dit. Thank you for giving me the opportunity!


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