Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The romantic life of a romance writer

We lay in hammocks on secluded beaches and the words effortlessly flow from our fingertips to our keyboards as big hunky men feed us chocolates and Diet Cokes. 

yea right.

I haven't posted lately as I am doing massive edits on Circles Interlocked before I take a course on epubbing and then I should be able to announce the release date.

I have been given a peek of the cover for Circles Interlocked and it's passionate. I hope to be able to post it soon.  I worked with Fantasia Frog and she did an awesome job.

I am also trying to get onto FaceBook, but am currently stuck on a verification notice.  When I get that cleaned up I'll post my Facebook addy.

I have managed to get onto Twitter - yea  - not a total techie failure.  @_VictoriaAdams

So goes the life of a writer.  I wanted to do edits and actually write, but got trapped by social media.

Check back soon.  I hope to be back to blogging asap.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Romantic Names

Romantic names – Shakespeare said it best in Romeo and Juliet - "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." But then Shakespeare, generally, always says it best.
Would your favourite romantic novel be as wonderful if the heroine were Gertrude or Esmerelda? Writers spend a lot of time trying to create the perfect name for their characters. They say them out loud and often send them to their critique group to see how it goes there. The name has to have an aura – something that makes the reader know that this is the heroine.
A few romantic heroines – books and movies
Juliet – Romeo and Juliet
Anna – Anna Karina
Jane – Jane Eyre
Scarlett – Gone With the Wind
Rose – Titanic
Yes the list is short. I was ruthless in my selection. I stayed away from the sci-fi heroines (Trinity – Matrix) or the paranormal ones (Bella – Twilight).
Is it the name that is romantic or the persona of the character? Scarlett and Rose have dramatic and romantic sounds, but Jane? My apologies to any Janes reading this.
I created Julie Anderson, my character in Circles Interlocked, a long time ago. I don't remember why I picked the name, but to me the name Julie fits her perfectly. Of the numerous meanings of the name Julie, beautiful and vivacious are two which Robert would agree with.
What is the name of your favourite heroine? or What is the most romantic female name?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Interview with Robert Holiday

Welcome to this week's blog.  Today I'm interviewing the hero of my latest novel, Circles Interlocked. That is if I can get him to speak. He's been sitting here for ten minutes just sipping his coffee.
Victoria Adams – Welcome.  Care to introduce yourself?
Robert Holiday – Robert Holiday and I'm here under protest.
VA – Care to explain. 
RH – Julie thinks it'll be a cute idea.  I think it's....
VA – So, you're only here because your girl friend, Julie, asked.
RH - Uh-huh. Can't seem to deny her anything she asks.
VA – Head over heels in love with her? (Just so you readers know, he just grinned and nodded.) Let's try again; Julie would like you to tell us a bit about yourself. Like where did you grow up.
RH – LOL – going to play hardball and drag Julie into this.  OK.  Grew up in North Shore.  It's across the bay from where Julie grew up in Westland.  Westland is where the rich and powerful people live.  North Shore is where they dump their industrial wastes.
VA – Julie mentioned you ran with a gang.
RH – Shoresmen.  But I cut my ties a long time ago.
VA – If you grew up on opposites sides of the bay, then how did you and Julie meet?
RH – Biology class.  Part of a deal with a judge was I finish school.  I figure one more term in North Shore High and I'm out.  Nope. They registered me in some snotty Westland prep school. Julie and I were in the same classes. I helped her in Calculus. She got me through English.
VA – You left out the part where you met and fell in love.
RH – Left out a lot of parts – some good – some not so good. But ya, the short version is –we met and fell in love.
VA – Then what happened?
RH – Julie got accepted to a big dance company, but she wouldn't leave because of me.  How could I be the reason she not follow her dream? I faked a make-out session with a friend and made sure Julie caught us. (long pause) Then I watched her walk out of my life.
VA – The pain of remembering it is very evident on your face. How did you get over her?
RH – Who says I did? I survived by going to college, collecting some degrees and working at the ranch.  When Mrs. Murran passed away, I ended up being the sole beneficiary the Murran Estate and Racing Stables. Learning to run the affairs of the estate kept me busy.
VA – Classic story of poor boy strikes it rich. How did you and Julie reconnect?
RH – You can tell your readers I'm still scratching my head on that one.
VA – Explain.
RH – Cori…uh, my girlfriend and I were out at a black tie affair and I got called back to the ranch. She came home with me and went to bed. I crawled in about 5 A.M. and passed out. Woke up the next morning next to Julie.
VA – So that's what Julie meant by you and she woke up together by accident.
RH – I have no idea how she got there. But she's back in my life and we're getting married September 21st.
VA – Can I say – And they lived happily ever after. Thank you for being here today. It wasn't so bad was it?
RH – Naw, it was alright. Can I go home now?
VA – That's it for this week's interview.  Happy romance.