Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Gift for Mother's Day

Mom's gotta love them.

 At some point in our lives we all had one.


 Sometimes we drove them crazy

And sometimes they drove us crazy

 What can you do for mom? Give her a break from her life. Let her slip into the fantasy of someone else's world. Circles Interlocked is free May 12 and 13 for Mother's Day.

Once lovers, a ballerina and a former gang member reconnect but must still face the lie that broke them apart.

 Julie Anderson - a ballerina facing then end of her career and a love life that's colder than ice.

 Robert Holiday - a former gang member now successful ranch owner. Lives his life with a broken heart.

They meet and fall in love and into bed.
His final letter to her.

If you're reading this then something went wrong and I guess I'm dead. Sorry. But that's only one more screw up to add to my list. I've messed things up a lot in this relationship. Why do people who should never be together fall in love?
I should've never met you and I certainly shouldn't have fallen in love with you, but I did. I never stopped loving you once in the years we were apart. Telling you this now seems a little stupid, I guess I should've done it before I let you go back to Langston.
A long time ago - in high school - we had to write an assignment for our last English essay. You and I had broken up and everyone was mad at me for being such a bastard. For my essay, I handed in a poem. Ya me, I wrote a poem. Mrs. Wolmsely liked it - hell, she gave me an "A".
She wanted to read it in class. She was hoping you'd forgive me. Which is exactly what I didn't want. I wanted you to go dance. I wanted you to live out your dream. I'm sorry I screwed up on that. Anyway, this is my poem. I've revised it a bit. It was only two verses long then. I wanted to call it LOVE SUCKS, but I didn't think Mrs. Wolmsely would like that.
She possessed my being -
Gave me a future -
A life.
Our souls intertwined -
Fantasies fulfilled

Reality intruded.
One's dream realized
One's destroyed.
A heart broken
The pain -
Where a heart should be
A void existed.
The expanse of days
Became years.
A dream withered.

By chance -
Two faces meet
And smile
Lips touch
Love strikes once more.

My being possessed -
Desires fulfilled -
A dream revived.
A future
With Love!

I don't know why I told you all this. All I wanted to do is tell you I love you, but it seemed cold and impersonal on paper. Please don't grieve for me. Remember our good times together. Forget the bad stuff. Have a happy life, full of love and joy.
With Love,

 Is this love affair never meant to be?

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Happy Mother's Day. 


  1. Gotta read this book! Love the letter and pics! Awesome!

  2. Thank you for dropping by and commenting.

  3. O...M..G! I HAVE to read this--and thank YOU so much for the gift. I'm going to download it and read it tomorrow as a gift to myself.

    Thank you SO MUCH.!

    1. Enjoy! And thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you also, Mart.

  5. I found you from the Enchanting the Muse Crit Group. Great Blog! Happy Mother's Day. Thanks for the free chapter and gift! :)


    1. Woah, THANK YOU for the awesome gift!

    2. I kinda new at ETM - haven't made much a splash there. Thanks so much for dropping by and I hope you enjoy my book.


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