Saturday, August 11, 2012

Circles Intelocked on Sweet Saturday Sample

Sweet Saturday Sample - Saturday Aug 11, 2012

Circles Interlocked – contemporary romance

Hot cheese and pepperoni invaded her dreams. She awoke to see Robert standing next to her, with a pizza and a bottle of Chianti. "Supper?"
She stretched, hopped off the bed and followed him into the living room. He placed the pizza on the coffee table, cracked open his beer and opened her wine.
He handed her a slice of double cheese and extra pepperoni pizza and a coffee mug of wine. "You know Julie, this is the second time this week you've almost given me a coronary. How'd you find me?"
Julie took a moment to savor a bite of her pizza. "You brought me here a long time ago. Brittany said you were pulling your disappearing act. I guessed you'd come here. Went down a bunch of wrong lanes, but I found you." She took another bite. "Good pizza."
Forcing himself to separate from the scent of her perfume, the closeness of her body, and the heat of his desire for her, Robert went into the kitchen then returned with two oil lanterns. Lighting them, he placed one by Julie, and the other near where he sat. Dancing flames cast hypnotic shadows about the darkening room. "So, what're you doing here?"
Julie sipped her wine, and thought about his question. "I don't really know. I took some time off to think. I'm at a…a crossroads in my life…." She twirled her ring around her finger. "And my career. And I can't seem to read the direction signs."
"Home's that way." He pointed over his left shoulder.
Ignoring him, Julie continued, "I have to make some decisions, and somehow – I don't know how – but at a low gut level those decisions are connected to me and you." She wiped the pizza grease from her mouth and fingers. Pouring herself another mug of Chianti, she leaned back on the couch. "I tried to think at home, in Westland, but there were too many distractions."
"Didn't bother thinking that maybe I'd come up here for a little peace and quiet, and didn't want any human invasions."
"Do you want me to leave?"
"Yes." His response surprised even himself. Robert swallowed the last of his beer, laid it next to the pizza box and grabbed another. Shaking his head, he said, "You're sitting there looking shocked at my rudeness. Here you are, politely making conversation, and I rudely ask you to leave. Your hypocrisy has grown."
Julie's brown eyes darkened as she glared at him.
He chugged his beer a couple of mouthfuls of beer "Oh don't be so damn annoyed, you still hate me to the point of barely being able to look at me. We were lovers, and yet you couldn't even say good morning to me, and I'd just spent the night sleeping with you."

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  1. Now that's an interesting sample. I'll have to check out more of this.

    1. Thank you. Hope you do and you enjoy it.

  2. I'm wondering if Julie is one of those people who can dish it out but can't take it. Or maybe she's wishing she'd been nicer to Robert before. As you can tell, I'm definitely intrigued by this post!


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