Monday, February 13, 2017

A visit by Daryl Devore to my blog or in otherwords a visit by me. #erotic #romance #penname

So I'm letting the cat out of the bag for the six people on the planet who don't know this - but I - Victoria Adams am also Daryl Devore.

My Devore persona is an erotic romance writer. My Adams persona is a contemporary romance writer. So today I am visiting myself.

How did this come about? I - long ago - had an editor - hired by my publisher - who was brutal. Her demeaning comments almost made me quit. What it did do was make me hide my babies.
The contemporary romances I wrote I swore I would not let her near. So I indie pubbed.

I have kept the two names apart even though they both are members of some of the same Triberr tribes and some Yahoo groups. Some friends know the dual identity - critique partners - and some who needed to be let in on the secret because of some issue. And the occasional ones who figured it out because I slipped and said the same thing on a blog as 2 different people.

But now it doesn't matter as I am retiring Victoria Adams. It's been a hard haul trying to keep 2 careers going. Double blog posts - 2 FB pages - 2 twitter accts and so on.

To those of you who can do this dual personality - kudos to you and I wish you all the writing luck in the world. Me - I am easing back and focusing on two things - 1. myself and family and 2. 1 writer pen name.


To save Darien's life his brother asks, "Can you walk in high heels?"
Erika Bailey, owner/manager of a drag queen club in Bangkok, Thailand has happily settled into all aspects of her new life, except for her lack of a love life. When a new diva auditions, Erika is bewildered over her instant attraction to the blond God, Apollo.
Darien Scott is on vacation after a world tour and mistakenly figures the safest place to be is at The Black Dragon with the head of a Triad. When the club is hit, Darien is the only person to get out alive. Now   he's running from the police and a Triad. Mistake number 1.
Disguised as a drag queen, he's hired by Erika, but falls hard for his new boss, then struggles with not coming clean with her. Mistake number 2.
Can he fix his mistakes and find a life filled with love or is he headed straight for mistake number 3?

A wave of nausea swarmed over her. The room spun. A cold sweat beaded on her forehead. Why her? Inhaling and exhaling deep cleansing breaths, she calmed the rolling sea in her stomach and lowered her blood pressure.

They'd been following her. She remembered the day the elevator button to her apartment floor had been pushed, but no one else got off when she did. She'd shrugged it off at the time as someone hitting the wrong button. Then there was the bone-chilling feeling that someone had searched her cell phone and her office. What could they hope to discover in her cell phone? That she liked Taylor Swift to AC/DC, and took a lot of selfies. Her office had many more secrets–employee addresses, bank account receipts and more. It made no sense that they attacked her apartment.

Erika placed her hands on the side of her head. Nothing made sense. The confusion just spun around in circles. They wanted something. But she'd hidden nothing. As she pressed her hands against her head in a vain attempt to silence the mantra–What are they looking for? Why me?–tears flowed down her cheeks. Her breath shortened to gasps as her chest heaved. A black ache filled her soul.
Why had she lashed out at Apollo? He was right. She'd assumed he was gay. He was Brian's friend. That made him gay. She was angry at him for not being gay, and even angrier at his exiting the room. She wanted to yell and scream, but he'd stunned her by saying, "I don't want to damage what we have so far."
Joy and elation tried to well up inside her, but the anger, pain, frustration and fear of the past day demolished any chance of a happy thought. She threw herself forward, screaming into the mattress and pounding her hands on the comforter. Rage controlled her. How could they? They violated her life.
She shrieked and howled, releasing the anger. Fists clenched, she hammered them onto the bed with each thought. Why me? Why me? Why me?
A warm hand settled in the middle of her back and rubbed small circles. She lifted her face. Through the blurriness caused by the tears, she stared up at Apollo's blue eyes. They were filled with concern. Concern for her.
She launched her herself forward, into his arms, knocking him back onto the bed, trying to speak through her sobs, but her sentence was garbled. He said nothing, just held her tight and rubbed her back.
Like someone who loved her would do.


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  1. How bizarre is it to comment on my own blog - lol.
    Thank you to anyone and everyone who drops by.

  2. XOXOXO Victoria and Daryl are BOTH AMAZING. <3 BIG Kudos to you for all your hard work for all those years keeping up with 2 pen names XO


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