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One last look at Dancing in Circles on MFRW's Book Hooks #MFRWAuthor #MFRWhooks,

I am slowly closing down my blog. This will be the last scene from my contemporary NA romance - Dancing in Circles - Book 1 of Circles Trilogy. It's a bit long - but it's the last one and I doubt anyone even reads this.
Scene Set- Robert and Julie have become friends, but he is inexplicably missing.

As Julie drove to dance class, she wondered where Robert disappeared to. He hadn't been to class since his argument with Francine last week. She pulled off the off-ramp and turned onto Tenth Street when she spotted a person entering a fast food restaurant wearing a Shoresmen jacket. Pulling a quick u-turn, she parked and entered the restaurant. From his short, slim build and light hair, Julie guessed it was Robert's best friend, Paul. He sat at a booth, munching on a hamburger and french fries.
She slipped into a seat across from him. "Hi. Remember me? I'm Robert's friend, Julie. Do you know where he is? He hasn't been to—"
Paul nodded and swallowed. "Let me finish. I'll take ya." He wolfed the last two bites of his meal, grabbed his drink and directed her to his car. It was an older model, customized in a deep royal blue interior with a bride's garter hung on the rear-view mirror. He unlocked the door. "Follow me."
Julie hesitated.
"It's ok." Paul held the door. "I may be Bob's best friend, but he'd still cut me down in a second if I hurt ya."
Julie followed as he drove to North Shore and parked next to him near an old tenement. He led her up a flight of dark, worn, wooden stairs. Her nose wrinkled at the obnoxious odours in the hall. Her fight or flight reflex kicked in – flight taking charge. She fought her fears and held her ground. He opened an apartment door and motioned to her to enter. Julie looked into Paul's face for any sign this was a trap. Seeing nothing to scare her into leaving, she entered the room.
It was lack-luster and furnished with cheap imitations of good quality furniture. Robert slept on a worn couch. His Shoresmen jacket lay in a heap onto the floor. A bruise covered part of his left cheek. Both the cut on his swollen lower lip and above his right eyebrow were raw.
Paul tossed his keys onto the kitchen counter. "I think his ribs are bruised."
"What happened?"
"His brother did this to him?" Julie looked back at Robert and shuddered.
"Yea, Lauren spit out some trash talk crap about him. Bob's great in a fight. He's tough, cunning and unbeatable. 'Cept for Mike. When they was kids, Mike beat on him all the time. Bob, he won't fight back when Mike hits him, so he loses every time." Paul shook him. "Bob, wake up. Ya got company."
Robert opened his eyes. They weren't the same sensual ones, which melted her heart the first time he looked at her. Instead, these eyes reflected pain.
She knelt beside him. "Hi."
He said nothing. She read in his eyes, she was the last person he wanted to see. She gave him a soft kiss on an undamaged part of his lips. "Don't talk. Let's go. I'll take you to my place."
Robert tried to argue, but a wave of pain stopped him.
"You're sick and injured. Let me take you home."
"No." His voice was hoarse and breathless.
She stood. "Either you come willingly, or I'll drag you down those stairs myself."
"I don't want your pity, and I don't need your sympathy." His eyes darkened with anger.
Too infuriated to listen to his words, Julie stammered, "My pity…my symp—" She fought to control her temper. "Is that what you think this is? Then you're stupider than I thought. This is simply concern from one friend to another. At least that's what I thought we were. If any of your brains are still unscrambled, use them. Let's go."

Dancing in Circles. One born into privilege and a charmed life surrounded by love and family. The other born to a life of violence on the streets as the solemn gang leader of the notorious Shoresmen. A young, idealistic co-ed, Julie, meets a jaded, cold gang member, Robert, and cracks his icy shell, allowing the warmth of her love to awaken his soul.

Buy link - Dancing in Circles -  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009PFNPMG

What people are saying 
5 Stars - I loved the cover, as well as the story. I liked the school setting, and the description in the beginning of Julie and her friends. Julie is the dreamer, searching for a happy ending. I also liked Robert, who is a "bad boy" gang leader, "from the wrong side of the tracks," etc. One of Julie's relatives says he has a heart of gold, and he does. He's smart and practical and I think he's great.

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  1. Sorry you'll be closing, Victoria. I enjoyed the excerpt. Very pretty cover, too!

    1. Thank you. Yes, my cover artist did a fabulous job.

  2. It's a shame to close down your blog. Great cover on this book, though


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