Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The final appearance of Victoria Adams and her quirky mystery - Red Tulip on Book Hooks #MFRWhooks #MFRWAuthor

This is it - my last appearance here. This final long snippet is from my quirky little mystery romance- Red Tulip.

I pulled the key from my lock, dropped it into my purse and searched for my cell. I didn't care who was calling, I wasn't going to check, but I needed to call a cab. It's a long walk to the airport.
I ignored the screen and called the local cab company, creatively named – The Cab.
While waiting for the taxi to arrive, I called home and left a voice mail requesting to be picked up at the airport. It calmed me to hear my father's voice on the message even if he was telling me they weren't home.
A plaintive mew issued from the cat carrier. I unzipped it just enough to poke my hand in and scratch my adorable ball of white fluff with emerald-coloured eyes. Tulip purred and leaned into my fingers that were scratching her ears.
The taxi turned the corner and parked next to me. The driver hopped out, held the door open then picked up my suitcase, placed it into the trunk. I settled myself and Tulip. When the driver entered, I said, "Airport, please."
He sped away from the curve, hurtling me away from…I clenched my fists. No, I wasn't going to think about Shamus. He made his decision and I was making mind. I picked up Tulip's carrier and rested it on my lap. She peered out the screened end. I wiggled my finger on it and she slapped at it with her dainty paws.
Soft music floated from the taxi's radio, as Cher belted out, The Lady is a Tramp.
I nodded in agreement. Oh, no, not that Cher's a tramp. I meant the one who snatched Shamus away from me. If ever in my life I harboured the desire to drop poison into someone's drink…I gave myself a shake.
Good old Murphy's Law – if anything can go wrong, it will.

Blurb - Darcy O'Calahann, a junior gardener from a small mid-western town, is trying to make her way in the big city.
Shamus McTavis is a wealthy bachelor with a mysterious family past.
Are Darcy's eyes playing tricks on her? Is she losing her mind? Or is there really a Red Tulip tying her and Shamus together?

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I am closing this blog down March 21st.


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